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Hello! We have some very exciting news :) After a lot of planning we are ready to start taking commission requests for 2015. I'll list all of the pricing and calendar logistics below, but for now I'll just tell you what we can do! Adam's already posted a lot of the Pokemon team commissions we've been hired to do. Today we're also posting a finished cover art project for user Doc987987 . We love doing Pokemon teams, Dungeons and Dragons parties, fan art/fan fiction character concepts, really anything you can think of! Always dream of walking the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Let us apparate you there (jokes on ME you can't apparate at Hogwarts). Have a Commander Shepard you'd like immortalized in illustrated form? Hit us up. T-shirt designs?! Kind of my favorite. Got a joke idea for a comic but aren't quite sure how to structure it? We'll brainstorm and workshop it with you! Our talents are at your disposal, and we'd love to hear what you have in mind.

Now for the business part:

Our pricing for comic commissions is by the panel. $15/panel for just line art and $25/panel for full color.

Our pricing for illustrations is $15 per character (line art) and $20 for color. $10 extra for a full color background.

If your commission idea doesn't fit with these pricing models just send us a message, and we'll work out a fair price! Turnaround time on commissions is typically 2 weeks, but we'll let you know if timing gets weird. To book with us send us a message with your idea. We'll talk out the details, and when we're good to move forward we'll have you send half of the payment to our Paypal . We'll send you the pencils for approval/critique before we move on to ink and color. Once the piece is done we'll contact you and have you send the second half of the payment. In return we'll send you the file with the completed commission and a pledge of undying art-related friendship. The only other stipulation we have is that we'd like to feature all commissions in our gallery. We'll credit you with the commission idea and invite you to write a blurb in the author's comments if you'd like!

We can't wait to meet you!

<3 Erin (I wanted to be QuadForceWIFE, but Adam said no)


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